Research Center for Earthquake Prediction

Research for the prediction of great interplate and intraplate earthquakes based on field observations

The Research Center for Earthquake Prediction (RCEP) carries out many aspects of seismic research related to earthquake sources, seismic velocity structures, distributions of earthquakes in southwest Japan and laboratory investigations. These studies contribute to the mitigation ofツꀀ earthquake damage. RCEP cooperates with the Research Division of Earthquake Hazards, in research and observational activities.

During the first half of this century, the probable occurrence of a great earthquake along the Nankai trough is reaching a peak; also large damaging inland earthquakes in southwest Japan appear to be occurring more frequently. In this active seismic period, RCEP focuses its efforts in 3 main areas: Prediction of the next Nankai earthquake, Studies of inland earthquakes in southwest Japan and the outreach efforts for other disciplines and the public.

Epicenter distribution from JAN 2010 to JUN 2013 in southwestern Japan after the hypocenter catalog integrated by JMA, which includes the data from micro-earthquake observation system of RCEP.

Research Section


  1. Kamitakara observatory
  2. Hokuriku observatory
  3. Osakayama observatory
  4. Donzurubo observatory
  5. Tottori observatory
  6. Miyazaki observatory
  7. Abuyama observatory
  8. Tokushima observatory