Research Division of Geohazards

Interdisciplinary basic and applied research of geohazards from the waterfront, through the hills up to the mountains

The Geohazards Division pursues research for the prediction and mitigation of earth surface hazards, based on the sciences of geophysics, geology, geotechnology, geomorphology, hydrology and environmental science and technology. The Division conducts interdisciplinary research by cooperating with other scientific disciplines.ツꀀ The geohazards under investigation include liquefaction,
ground settlement, slope failures, landslides, soil erosion, slope or foundation deformation due to construction, groundwater problems, deformation or loss of specialツꀀ types of soil, severe surface erosion and deformation or collapse of underground caverns. Research in this division focuses on the generation and the behavior of geohazards and the methodology of hazard mapping, and hazard mitigation.
Deep-seated catastrophic landslide induced by Typhoon Talas, Kii Mts in 2011
Geotechnical centrifuge at DPRI

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