Water Resources Research Center

Dynamic modeling of water cycles and related topics on regional to global scales, and social and environmental risk management

This center established in 1978 investigates the comprehensive water resources management system, including conservation and development of water resources, as integrated elements of geosystems, social systems and ecosystems. Physically-based water cycles and related topics are scientifically and quantitatively modeled from regional to global scales from the viewpoints of hydrology and hydrometeorology. In addition, social and ecological risk management of water resources is proposed based on the needs of human activities and impacts of regional development and climate change, as well as large scale disasters such as the Tohoku Earthquake. We pursue sustainable, sound and healthy water resources management and contribute to global water issues, such as in Nile River and Red River (Vietnam) basins. The center biennially hosts the UNESCO-IHP training course.

Wetland area created by Tohoku earthquake and tsunami
JE-HydroNet(Assiut, Alexandria Univ. and NWRC in Egypt)
Left: Flash flood in wadi systems Right: Downstream of Nile River Basin

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