Research Center for Fluvial and Coastal Disasters

Research on Disaster Prevention and Environmental Preservation in Watersheds and Coastal Oceans

The Research Center has two missions. First, it promotes in-depth studies of fluid and sediment processes that may bring about serious disasters and environmental changes, frequently through chain reactions, to watersheds, reaches, reservoirs, estuaries and coastal oceans. These studies are inherently interdisciplinary and are covered by the Center’s five research sections. Secondly, the Center’s unique facilities are open to partners for field and experimental studies on disaster prevention and environmental preservation. With these facilities actively promoting collaborative research, the Center has developed cutting-edge technology for predicting complex processes in the hydrosphere, together with disaster reduction methodology.

Research Center for Fluvial and Coastal Disasters Perspective

Research Section


  1. Hodaka Sedimentation Observatory
  2. Ujigawa Open Laboratory
  3. Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory
  4. Shionomisaki Wind Effect Laboratory
  5. Ogata Wave Observatory