Research Division of Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Disasters

Scientific study and mitigation of atmospheric and hydrospheric disasters

This division consists of six research sections studying climate environment, severe storms and atmospheric environment,ツꀀ wind disasters and maritime disasters, hydro-meteorological disasters, as well as risk information. The goal is to establishツꀀ scientific principles to mitigate atmospheric and hydrosphericツꀀ disasters. Researchers in the field of meteorology, hydrology, architecture and coastal engineering are collaborating to study atmospheric and hydrospheric hazards such as strong wind,ツꀀ tornado, typhoon, heavy rain, river discharge, flood, stormツꀀ surge, high wave and tsunami, at various spatial and temporalツꀀ scales. We are also studying the effects of future globalツꀀ warming on atmospheric and hydrological disasters by employing several General Circulation Model projections and methods of dynamical and statistical downscaling for the prevention and reduction of future disasters.

Research Section