Research Projects

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 The Global Survivability Studies (GSS) Program aims to produce “Super Doctors” who are world leaders dealing with safety and security issues including largescale natural disasters, man-made disasters and accidents, regional environment changes and food security. DPRI is collaborating with 9 graduate schools (Education, Economics, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Informatics, ASAFAS*1 and Global Environmental Studies), RISH and CSEAS*2 to implement a multidisciplinary 5-year graduate course that combines natural and social sciences. This program provides students with GSS lecture subjects and various learning opportunities, such as internships, field training, interdisciplinary seminars, and an international school. Students are also requested to plan and execute industry-university projects and international joint research project to experience roles of a project leader.
*1 Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies
*2 Center for Southeast Asian Studies

Global Survivability Studies (GSS) Program 5-year course flow

>> Accepted research projects [FY 2023]: KAKENHI
>> Accepted research projects [FY 2022]: KAKENHI
>> Accepted research projects [FY 2021]: KAKENHI
>> Accepted research projects [FY 2020]: KAKENHI
>> Accepted research projects [FY 2019]: KAKENHI