Seismic and Volcanic Hazards Mitigation Research Group

Studies of Damaging Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions with Development of New Technologies for Disaster Mitigation

Large earthquakes and eruptions of volcanoes cause more damage than other natural hazards in Japan. Short-term predictions of these events, especially for earthquakes, are still difficult. However, when these events occur they can cause huge damage. Also continuing events can cause fear and alarm among the population, due to extended shaking from aftershocks or multiple volcanic eruptions. The research of this group contributes to the understanding of the physical processes of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Also there are engineering studies that improve technical applications to better withstand the effects of the natural disasters on society. With the interaction of science and engineering researchers, the group pursues basic research investigations as well as seeking applied technologies that can protect human lives and property from the severe effects of earthquakes and volcanoes.

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