Crustal Activity Evaluation

Evaluation of crustal activity associated with geophysical processes of the Earth.

We detect, analyze and interpret the crustal activity by integrating seismic velocity structures from subduction plate boundaries to inland regions, the slip history of active faults, crustal movements measured by GPS, InSAR and satellite gravity, and seismicity in the regions. We investigate the relationship between the geophysical processes and the occurrence of large earthquakes on
the plate boundaries and in the inland regions, and finally derive a variety of information that is useful for predicting the generation of large earthquakes and strong motions.

Seismic wavespeed discontinuity in a cross section along the profile line CCハシ. The Philippine Sea plate subducting beneath Kii Peninsula is clearly imaged.

Faculty Members

  • Professor Takuo SHIBUTANI


  • Associate Professor Hiroyuki NODA


  • Assistant Professor Peiliang XU