Innovative Disaster Prevention Technology and Policy Research

For advanced monitoring and prediction of natural and/or humaninduced disasters, as well as risk and emergency management, this laboratory develops innovative technologies such as spatiotemporal modeling for predicting floods and sediment disasters, computer intensive simulation analysis for globalツꀀ environmental changes, and remote sensing technologies. The research topics include the analyses of interactions between social changes and hydrological cycle/water-related disasters, policy development for secure and sustainable social systems, and international disaster mitigation strategies:

1) Spatiotemporal modeling of disasters for advanced prediction and warning systems.
2) Interaction between social/climate change and the hydrological cycle.
3) Computer intensive statistics and simulation analysis of extreme events and disaster management.
4) Remote sensing technologies targeting disaster monitoring and management.
5) International strategy for disaster risk reduction to realize resilient societies.

Land use change and its impact on flood runoff in Kyoto

Faculty Members

  • Associate Professor Takahiro SAYAMA


  • Lecturer Florence LAHOURNAT