International workshop on field measurements in fluvial and coastal areas and the utilization of the observed data

  • 研究集会
開催期間 2016.11.22
場所 Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory

November 22, 2016


Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory


Workshop Objectives:
 Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory (SOO) is one of the field facilities of Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University. SOO has an offshore observation tower and the field observations on oceanographic and meteorological research have been carried out continuously.
 The field observation data have important information to comprehend the oceanographic and meteorological phenomena in the subject area. The field observation data are also useful for the validation of the simulation results. Continuous multi-item data in situ would offer some partial solutions to investigate the phenomena from many angles. The significance of the field observation for better understandings is evident.

 This workshop has two aims, one is the advantageous exchange of field measurement activities in fluvial and coastal areas, and the other the discussion about the utilization of the observed data (data processing, validation of simulation results, open access to data and so on).





 Opening Address & Introduction of Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory


 Keynote lecture1 Dr. Edison Gica (NOAA, USA)
 Use of Real-Time Data for Tsunami Forecasting (tentative)


 Keynote lecture2 Prof. Yusuke Uchiyama (Kobe Univ., JAPAN)
 Subtidal and semi-diurnal intrusion of offshore water into Tanabe Bay  predicated upon a  comprehensive field observation and a high-resolution down-scaling ocean modeling



Several presentations (15min each, 4-5 speakers)
Free discussion (15-20 min)
Closing Remarks (around 17:00)