2020 Blind Prediction Competition ブラインド解析に関する国際コンペ

  • Phase I Prediction Submission Date: 2020.11.20
  • 参加募集 その他





Recently, hospitals have come under scrutiny for their ability to absorb many types of disasters and continue to function with minimal impact. The primary focus of the current experimentation and research is to take a more holistic approach to generate more robust hospital resilience data.

Tokyo Metropolitan Resilience Project sponsored by National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED), Japan, will attempt to measure and classify functionality and the current resilience in a hospital setting by using: (1) a full-scale representation of a complex two-building multi-story hospital with both a fixed and isolated base, (2) various nonstructural components and (3) critical medical equipment.

The testing will take place in December 2020, which presents an opportunity to host a multi-phase blind prediction competition. Each phase of the contest will highlight a different challenge: (a) Phase I: Prediction Techniques and (b) Phase II: Modeling and Verification. Students, researchers, and practicing engineers are encouraged to participate. Please see details in the  flyer and rule book. The registration and information site can be accessed through the link below.