GSS Interdisciplinary Seminar(Roundtable for Risk and Uncertainty: Comparative Schemes for Risk Communication in Japan and United States)

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開催期間 2018.03.06  15:00 ~ 16:30
場所 京都大学吉田キャンパス 総合生存学館(思修館)

Inter-Graduate School Program for Sustainable Development and Survivable Societies

Interdisciplinary Seminar (1 session course)

Roundtable for Risk and Uncertainty: Comparative Schemes for Risk Communication in Japan and United States

James Goltz (Former Branch Chief of the California Office Of Emergency Services / DPRI Visiting Professor)
Manabu Hashimoto (DPRI Professor)
Steven Brantley (U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory)

Ana Maria (DPRI Professor)

Mika Shimizu (GSS Associate Professor)

Date: 2018年3月6日 15時-16時30分/March 6, 2018 15:00-16:30
Venue: 京都大学吉田キャンパス 総合生存学館(思修館)/Shishukan Hall (Kyoto University HIGASHI ICHIJOKAN, basement floor)

Note: Open to Students and Faculties in Any School

Today’s modern risk society is increasingly complex, uncertain and interconnected. One of the key policy measures in addressing the modern risk society is risk information disclosure and communication which correlates with substantial risk reduction. Risk communication is not a one time or technical issue, but an overarching, multidisciplinary, national to global issue.
It is recognized that there are different cases where disaster risk information is not disclosed to the public for several reasons including: (a) information is not available, (b) information is incomplete or (c) information has a high level of uncertainties. The non-disclosure of risk information and/or inappropriate risk communication often results in tragic disaster consequences. Specifically it is to note that the issue of “uncertainty” of risk is a major barrier to risk information disclosure and communication among government, communities, industry and other stakeholders including the public, although the reasons vary depending on disaster risks and situations.
Given the above common understanding, interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners beyond individual research disciplines will come together in this seminar to seek for how to address risk and uncertainty issues through schemes of risk communication. Especially with the focus on earthquake and volcano risk cases, the speakers will:

1) comparatively share relevant schemes, including current policies, systems and related processes with specific cases (lecture/presentation),
2) discuss about challenges or good practices and better schemes of risk communication for better understandings of uncertainties and disaster preparedness among multi-stakeholders (roundtable discussions).

This seminar is made possible as a part of collaborative efforts among researchers and practitioners for risk communication research in Japan and the United States who have been in collaborations for the past years. Please join in our collaborative efforts in better risk communication regardless of your discipline.

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