Meteorological and Hydrological Risk Information (endowed by JWA)

We aim to create innovative meteorological and hydrological information. Major research themes are as follows:

1) Understanding of extreme meteorological phenomenon through a fieldツꀀ observation of heavy rain.
2) Development of numerical model for Large-Eddy-Simulation in urbanツꀀ meteorology.
3) Creation of risk information using ensemble-prediction and experiment ofツꀀ application method to the real society.
4) Development of weather information providing methods using marketingツꀀ theory.
5) Social experiment providing weather information focused on leading theツꀀ citizens to take action for disaster mitigation.

Meteorological observation on the roof of DPRI
Framework of research
Application to the real society of uncertainty risk information

Faculty Members

  • Program-Specific Associate ProfessorKansuke Sasaki


  • Program-Specific Associate ProfessorKensuke Takenouchi


  • Program-Specific Assistant ProfessorTomoya Shimura