Sedimentation Disasters

Sediment transport phenomena cause various kinds of sediment disasters and also impact ecosystem in rivers. To mitigate the disasters and to understand the dynamics of sediment runoff and its role on habitat structure conservation, field observations, hydraulic experiments, and development of simulation models are carried out in our division. Major research themes are:
1) Monitoring and predicting the sediment dynamics in sediment transport system.
2) Improving precision of prediction for sedimentation disaster occurrence.
3) Understanding the role of sediment transport on habitat structures.
4) Comprehensive sediment control within sediment transport systems.

Debris flow due to a deep landslide
Numerical simulation of a braided stream

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorMasaharu Fujita


  • Associate ProfessorHiroshi Takebayashi


  • Assistant ProfessorShusuke Miyata