Coastal Sedimentary Environment

This research section promotes studies of coastal disaster prevention related to sedimentation and environments. For example, beach erosion due to wave and current action is generated by imbalance between incoming and outgoing sedimentation volumes in a target coast. Physical and analytical surveys on the coastal sediments are necessary to maintain the coastal topography which reduce the tsunami and storm surge energy as well as storm waves. The research projects include the following:
1) GIS analysis of echo sounding results on the seabed.
2) Prevention of scouring around maritime facilities due to tsunamis and sea waves.
3) Surveys of the effects of coastal vegetation and groundwater on beach erosion.
4) Mechanisms of river channel erosion due to fast flow.

Left figure shows the bowling core samples in the center of pond and a vicinity sand beach. The deviation of diameter at the surface is smaller than in the deeper part and the averaged diameter is finer than the other in the pond bowling core.

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorTetsuya Hiraishi