Earthquake Resistant Structures

The research of this section focuses on improving the seismic safety of buildings and mitigating the impact of seismic hazards on urban cities. Ongoing areas of investigation are as follows:

1) Simulation of Earthquake Response of Structures: Response characteristics and serviceability of super high-rise buildings and base-isolated buildings under long-period earthquake ground motions are examined through large-scale testing.
2) Implementation of Advanced Materials to Structures: Super high-strength steel and engineered composites are adopted to develop novel structural systems and seismic retrofit techniques.

3) Quick Inspection of Earthquake-Affected Structures: Sensorbased structural health monitoring systems and passive damping devices capable of damage prognosis are under development for enhancing the resiliency of structures.

Testing of rocking frame with super high-strength CFT columns
Development of structural safety assessment system for damaged structures

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorYoshiki Ikeda


  • Associate ProfessorMasahiro Kurata