DPRI Award
DPRI Award

What is DPRI Award

 The DPRI Award honours individuals and organizations that have contributed towards various joint research projects and activities of DPRI undertaken in Japan and abroad.

>>The DPRI Award Laureates

Establishment of DPRI Award

  Every year, Japan is threatened by various natural disaster vulnerabilities, a common phenomenon not only associated to Japan but around the world. Especially the past decade was notably marked for its intensity of natural disasters from 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami to 2013 super typhoon, Haiyan in the Philippines. In fact, DPRI was founded in response to the serious damage caused by destructive typhoon Jane in the late 1940s. Recognizing the principle that there are no borders for natural disasters, DPRI continues to strengthen its efforts in international research collaborations through academic exchange agreements with universities and institutes, and hosts numerous joint research projects and seminars to cater as a Global Center of Excellence for research and education on natural disaster prevention and mitigation.
  In March 2011, the Committee of Kyoto University Faculty deemed it necessary to recognize the efforts of DPRI and its responses to a variety of natural disasters in Japan and around the world. The Committee created the DPRI Award to honour divers actors involved in research projects, initiatives and activities that have translated DPRI into a Global Center of Excellence.

Selection Criteria

  In accordance with the internal international award regulations adopted by DPRI Award Committee, the candidates are nominated by in-house faculty members through recommendations received for achievements of outstanding comprehensive research and enhancing the visibility of DPRI activities in Japan and abroad.
 The individuals and organizations to be nominated should meet the following criteria:

1) Those who have engaged in teaching as professors, associate professors, visiting professors, and co-workers, and those who conduct seminars and joint research collaborations to increase awareness of DPRI research achievements and education.
2) Those who contribute to the work of DPRI through sponsorship, deliverance of keynote speeches, served as a guest lecturer in conferences, workshops, seminars, etc., or involved in planning and management of DPRI’s activities.
3) Those who have contributed to the implementation of DPRI international collaborations through joint research projects and field surveys.

 The award recipients are determined by the DPRI Award Committee, Chaired by its Director.

Presentation of the DPRI Award

 The Awards are conferred during the DPRI Annual Meeting held each year in February to March. In addition to the DPRI Award, the recipients enjoy the title of becoming a lifetime “DPRI Fellow”.

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DPRI Award Laureates(DPRI Fellow)

DPRI Award in 2015

Dr.Keith William Hipel Profile
Professor, University of Waterloo
Born in 1946, Canada
 Memorial Lecture Delivered on the occasion of the Award:
 "Technology and Policy Options for a Low-Emission Energy System in Canada"

DPRI Award in 2014

Dr.Francisco Jose Sanchez-Sesma
Professor, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Born in 1950, Mexico City

 Memorial Lecture Delivered on the occasion of the Award:
 "Ambient Seismic Vibrations in Seismology and Earthquake Engineering"

DPRI Award in 2013

Dr. Hiroo Kanamori
Professor Emeritus, California Institute of Technology
Born in 1936, Tokyo, Japan

 Memorial Lecture Delivered on the occasion of the Award:
 "Mega Earthquake diversity and disaster mitigation measures"