Regional Disaster Studies (Visiting Professors)

This special section (mainly used by visiting researchers) provides assistance to a nation-wide network of researchers and experts in disaster reduction called the “Natural Disaster Research Council” (“Shizen Saigai Kenkyu Kyogikai”). The section primarily deals with the following: 1) Development of a network of researchers engaged in natural disaster science in Japan. 2) Planning and coordination of rapid post-disaster investigations. 3) Promotion of regional disaster reduction information network projects. As an example, we have developed a text mining system: TRENDREADERTM (TR) that supports reading and understanding of text data, such as interviews, open-ended answers of questionnaire surveys, news reports, and incident response logs, with which we can develop and test theories on human behavior and social response in disaster recovery

TR analysis of Yahoo! news on the 2004 Niigata-ken Chuetsu earthquake