Historical Disaster Analysis (Visiting Professors)

It is important to recognize the lessons of past disasters to mitigate or reduce the damage and consequences of rarely occurring catastrophic disasters. This laboratory has continued to study the historical changes of the characteristics of catastrophic disasters in Japan, focusing on their impact on society and the nation, the spreading or magnifying processes of damage, the relief and response operations of local and national governments, the lessons, knowledge and culture embedded in the recovery. We have been extracting and collecting historical disaster related records and articles from vast amounts of Japanese archives. As of March 2012, 13,000 descriptions have been deciphered and translated into modern Japanese. These historical disaster records are organized according to era, region and type of disaster. Anyone can search and access the data at the URL above.

Screenshot of Historical Disaster Database
Documents on historical disasters

Faculty Members

  • Visiting ProfessorTaichi Furuhashi

  • Visiting Associate ProfessorTakumi Miyamoto