Disaster Information Systems

Natural disasters are as much social events as natural events. Our mission is to establish science and technology for studying social aspects of natural disasters by enabling effective post-event emergency management using ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Our research focuses on the following three topics: 1) Understanding of human behavior and psychological process before, during, and after disasters. 2) Effective crisis management for emergency management organizations. 3) Long-term recovery processes. The section promotes empirical studies on such themes as: 1) Multi-hazard risk assessment. 2) Hazard mapping. 3) Participatory strategic planning. 4) Emergency planning. 5) Disaster information systems. 6) Incident management systems. 7) Standardization of emergency operations. 8) Human resource development systems. 9) Risk communication and education. 10) Cross media databases for disaster reduction.

Emergency Mapping Team Activities after 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster
Kyoto Hazards Map

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorMichinori Hatayama