Slope Conservation

The research aim in our laboratory is to quantitatively understand the various geo-scientific phenomena linked withツꀀ sediment disasters, such as the effect of slope environment on substance transport and mass movement. We also focus on the fundamental scientific aspects which are useful for mitigating sediment disasters. In addition, by adopting the knowledge in related research fields, the following research topics areツꀀ intensively advanced in our laboratory:
1) Relationship between the land use and water-sediment movement.
2) Landslide mechanisms triggered by thaw water.
3) Prediction of the landslide timing based on the combination of slope hydrology, soil engineering, and electro-magneticツꀀ aspects.
4) Organic and inorganic interaction in slope-stream systems.

Thaw water-induced landslide caused serious damages to a local community. (Kokugawa, Joetsu, Niigata)
Flume experiment related to rainfall induced shallow landslides (used the equipment in Forestry and Forest Prod. Res. Inst., Tsukuba)

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorSumio Matsuura


  • Associate ProfessorTomomi Terajima