Rapid development of urban areas originally located in plains and lowlands areas, to suburban development in the hills, poses
increasing risks in geohazards. The potential geohazardsツꀀ include soil liquefaction, settlement of reclaimed lands,ツꀀ collapse of artificial cut-and-fill including cultural properties such as ancient tombs, and slope instabilities. A series ofツꀀ strategic measures are required for mitigating these geohazards and establishing higher performance of geotechnical works.ツꀀ Currently, our research topics include:
1) Study of the static/dynamic mechanics of large deformations of the ground.
2) Study of interactions between foundation and structureツꀀ using geotechnical centrifuge model tests.
3) Study of mechanisms and remedial measures for ground softening during earthquakes.

4) Prediction of deformation in foundation-structure systems and establishment of rational design methods.

Damaged quay walls after the 2011 Off the Pacific coast of Tohoku earthquake
3D simulation of gravity quay walls during earthquakes

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorRyosuke Uzuoka


  • Assistant ProfessorKyohei Ueda