Landslide Monitoring

This section includes the Tokushima Landslide Observatory, a field base in the central region of the Shikoku Mountains that is one of most landslide prone areas in Japan. Long-term observations of landslide movements using extensometers andツꀀ changes of ground water levels were conducted on severalツꀀ landslides, e.g. landslides of weathered crystalline schist.ツꀀ Technologies for the monitoring of landslide movements andツꀀ triggering factors and the measurement of mechanical andツꀀ physical landslide parameters are being developed.ツꀀ Observation systems of earthquake motions on landslides were installed in preparation for the next Nankai, Tonankai great earthquakes. The observatory is utilized as an important camp base for education, capacity building for students andツꀀ investigations for researchers from foreign countries.

Typical landslide in the Shikoku Mountain (With earthquake observation by means of broad-band seismometer)
Air tides and landsliding: power spectra of atmospheric pressure and landslide speed for Slumgullion landslide, Colorado, USA

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorSumio Matsuura(concurrently served)


  • Associate ProfessorShintaro Yamasaki