Landslide Dynamics

Most of historical villages in mountainous regions of Japan were settled on the gentle slopes created by landslides.ツꀀ Landslides provide living space in mountains, but induceツꀀ serious disasters for villages. In order to reduce landslideツꀀ disasters, studies on mechanisms of landslides and predictionツꀀ methods of landslide movement are investigated in this section. Rapid and long traveling landslides triggered by earthquakesツꀀ and rainstorms were studied using a large scale ring shearツꀀ apparatus that was developed at DPRI. In accordance withツꀀ recent serious earthquake disasters in Japan, we extended theツꀀ research field to urban regions. Landslides of urban residentialツꀀ fills caused by major earthquakes, e.g. the 1995 Kobeツꀀ earthquake and the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, were investigated to clarify the landslides inventory and mechanism. Cooperation and technical transfer with foreign institutes are routinely conducted.

Particle crushing during high-speed ring shear test
Landslide in urban residential fills caused by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorToshitaka Kamai


  • Associate ProfessorKouki Ou


  • Assistant ProfessorIssei Doi