Socio and Eco Environment Risk Management

In order to solve long-term environmental problems in the water resources issues, influences of geo-, eco- and socio-system changes on water resources systems are analyzed from the aspect of risk management. Measures for integrated river basin management of flood control, water use and environmental conservation are investigated to develop sustainable ecosystem services. We focus on subjects such as: 1) Asset management of dams and development of reservoir sediment management methods. 2) Model development of eco-sediment hydraulics by habitat structure analysis. 3) Interactions between human use and ecosystem responses in water front environments.

Conceptual framework of the riverbed geomorphology management for integrated basin management
Studies for evaluation and prediction of geomorphology suitable for spawning sites of Ayu fish

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorTetsuya Sumi


  • Associate ProfessorYasuhiro Takemon


  • Associate ProfessorSameh Ahmed Kantoush