Wind Engineering and Wind Resistant Structures

The section studies various subjects related to wind resistance performance of and wind environment around buildings and structures, using wind induced hazards analyses, field observations, wind tunnel tests and numerical simulations and other methods. The research topics of the section are as follows:

1) Mechanism of structural damages induced by strong winds. 2) Wind resistant design methods to improve performance of buildings and structures. 3) Wind characteristics in cities and wind environment around buildings and structures. 4) Development of strong wind hazard prediction techniques and preparedness procedures for disaster prevention and mitigation. 5) Wind characteristics and the debris of tornadoes. 6) Safety and economical management for wind and solar power plants. 7) Study of numerical simulations of unsteady turbulent flow.

Houses damaged by strong winds
Damage by tornado

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorTakashi Maruyama


  • Associate ProfessorKazuyoshi Nishijima