River Disaster Prevention Systems

The research is focused on understanding of hydraulic mechanisms and sediment flow behavior, to establish a prevention/mitigation system of flood and sediment disasters over a whole river basin, and to create river recreation space considering the ecological environment and landscape. We are studying many prediction methods and useful strategies for the above objectives, based on flume experiments, field observations and numerical simulations. The main topics are as follows:
1) Mechanisms and prevention/mitigation schemes for river and sediment disasters.
2) Strength evaluation and maintenance methods for river disaster prevention facilities such as river dykes.
3) River design methods harmonizing with nature and considering the ecological environment.

Experiment on deformation of river dyke body due to overtopping flow
Change of river bed topography (left) and bed material size (right) around the groyne and their experimental results (above) and simulation results (below)

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorHajime Nakagawa


  • Associate ProfessorKenji Kawaike


  • Assistant ProfessorKazuki Yamanoi