Joint Research Unit for Volcanic Disaster Risk Reduction

In December 2021, the “Joint Research Unit for Volcanic Disaster Risk Reduction (JRU-VDRR)” was established at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University. JRU-VDRR will integrate forecasting volcanic eruption, hazard evaluation, risk assessment, and countermeasure research based on monitoring of volcanoes. Using the data obtained by observation, we will forecast the type and scale of volcanic eruptions that show complex transitions, and conduct hazard evaluation research for each factor of disaster caused by the occurrence of volcanic eruptions. In addition, we will conduct research on risk assessment and countermeasure research for various infrastructure such as transportation, and research on utilizing the urgency assessment of volcanic eruptions based on forecasting the occurrence for evacuation and other countermeasures. Based on these researches, we aim to develop and expand the international cooperation relations with Indonesia, etc. that have been built so far, and to contribute to the mitigation of volcanic disasters in the world.