Successful Completion of the DRPI Public Lecture Series 2023

  • Event Reports

The 2023 DPRI Public Lecture was held as a hybrid session at Kyoto University Uji Campus Kihada Hall (Uji City) on 9 September 2023, with a attendance of 390 participants out of which 70 participants were at the venue.


This year, the 34th time, the theme was “Preparing for earthquakes and volcanic disasters, including those in the Kinki region.” The course also touched on cases in the Kinki region, such as the 2018 earthquake in northern Osaka and the tsunami in Osaka Bay caused by the Nankai Trough.


The session opened with the greetings by the Director, Prof. Eiichi Nakakita, Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University.  Five prominent experts from DPRI took the podium to share their expertise, experiences and share views on the theme of “Preparing for the unknown Earthquakes and Volcanic disasrters – including those in the Kinki Region”.


  • Professor Yukitoshi Fukahata, “Japanese Archipelago and Tectonic Plates”,
  • Professor Hiroyuki Goto, “Is the earthquake damage as expected? – Using the data of the 2018 northern Osaka earthquake as an example”
  • Associate Professor Takeshi Takeguri “Volcanic Disasters – How far does a large-scale eruption affect you?”,
  • Assistant Professor Takuya Miyashita “Simulations on General characteristics of tsunamis assuming a Nankai Trough earthquake”,
  • Professor Hirokazu Tatano “Disaster Preparedness  – Risk and Crisis Management”


After the presentations the panelists participated in the Q&A session with many questions from the audience.


The 2023 Public Lecture Series was closed with remarks by Prof.  Ryosuke Uzuoka, Vice-Director, DPRI, Kyoto University.


At the end of the session, many participants shared their views and expressed their gratitude for the members of DPRI for taking the initiative to share and educate the general public on topics that are important and useful.


The lectures will be made available on YouTube at a later date.