The 4th Slope Tectonics Conference

  • Date : 14 Oct. 2017 - 18 Oct. 2017
  • Research Meeting
Date 14 Oct. 2017 - 18 Oct. 2017
Place Oubaku Plaza, Kyoto University, Japan

The 4th Slope Tectonics Conference will be held in Kyoto, on 14-18 Oct 2017

Date: 14-18 October 2017
Venue: Oubaku Plaza, Kyoto University, Japan

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We are pleased to welcome you to Kyoto to attend the 4th Slope Tectonics Conference at Kyoto University. We will have two days meeting in Kyoto and following three days field trip in the Kii Mountains, a world heritage, in Kii Peninsula, central Japan.

Slope Tectonics is a young geoscience discipline that deals with slope movement processes controlled by various factors, such as geological structures,rock weathering, topography, hydrology, and geotechnical properties of slope materials. The main aim of the conference is to bring together researchers dealing with slope movements from different approaches in order to improve the general understanding of slope processes. The location of the post-conference field trip provides us the perfect setting to view sites related to one of the main topics: rock slope deformation and catastrophic failure in accretionary complexes.

This conference follows the successful 3 Slope Tectonics Conferences in Lausanne (2008), Vienna (2011), and Trondheim (2014). The results of the previous conferences have been published as Geological Society of London, Special Publication v. 351, and as a special issue of Tectonophysics, and another one is in preparation for a special issue of Geomorphology. This conference will also aim to produce a special publication.