Media Series: Projects Involved in Emergency Evacuation Procedures

  • Media Coverage

Under the Media series, this time, NHK TV would cover some of the research projects carried out by the Disaster Prevention Research Institute related to disaster emergency evacuation procedures.


Given below are the broadcasting time schedules:
1) NHK Special “Catastrophic series: MEGA DISASTERS II

A Life Threatening Situation Approaching Japan – Large-scale Evacuation Procedures”

  TV Channel: NHK TV      
  Date: Sunday, 6 September 2015    
  Time: 21:00 to 21:49 hours    
* Prof. Katsuya Yamori of Catastrophe Research Center; and Associate Prof. Mitsunori Hatayama of Social Disaster Prevention Department who are in charge of carrying out research work at the Shizuoka Prefecture Yaizu would appear in the series.
2) NHK Radio Programme
  Disaster Prevention Day Special: Surviving and Protecting Lives Through Nankai Earthquake
  Radio Chanel NHK Radio    
  Date: Tuesday, 1 September 2015  
  Time: 9:00 am    
* The programme will introduce Prof. Katsuya Yamori of Strategic Innovation Creation Programme who is the focal point for “Community Based Disaster Reduction Project”.

Current Projects in place:


Since 2012: Kyoto University Disaster Prevention Research Institute has spearheaded the research project on “Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Information for the Next Generation”. By sharing useful tips and looking into leading information on disaster prevention and mitigation research, and through mutual participation and practice in various types of local disaster prevention activities, the project aims to prepare people to brace themselves in the event of a massive earthquake and tsunami disaster and intends to strengthen the society with a disaster preparedness plan. This project is supported by the Ministry of Education’s “special expenses funds”.


Since 2014: Disaster Mitigation Society Project supported by the Cabinet Office


SIP Project – Strategic Innovation Creation Program: strengthening of resilience to disaster prevention and mitigation functions