Seminar held for JICA trainees

  • Event Reports

On July 17, 7 international participants of JICA’s training program visited DPRI to have a one day seminar.

Arriving at Uji campus in the morning, they received a lecture from Associate Professor Hatayama on “Temporal GIS and its Application for Disaster Risk Management” in which the case of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake was referred as an example. Associate Professor Kobayashi also gave them a lecture titled “Flood Modeling with Japanese Digital National Land Information Data”.

The participants also had a half-hour tour to the Strong Earthquake Response Simulator which was introduced by Professor Kawase.

In the afternoon, they move to the Ujigawa Open Laboratory, where Assistant Professor Hao Zhang introduced the large facilities for hydraulic experiments. They were taking pictures and asking questions as they seemed to have much interest in the advanced facilities and researches in DPRI.