Signing of the Memorandum for Partnership with Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres (French Geological Survey)

  • International Exchange

On March 13th, 2013, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University (DPRI) and Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres (French Geological Survey; BRGM) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Institutional Cooperation and Exchange in a ceremony held during the International Forum on Research Institutes for Disaster Risk Reduction at Uji campus, Kyoto University, Japan.

Presided over by Professor Tomotaka Iwata of DPRI, the ceremony began with the speech by Professor Manabu Hashimoto, Vice Director of DPRI, first introducing DPRI’s international collaboration with wide range of foreign institutes and then introducing the firm relationship that has been built between DPRI and BRGM in recent years that led to the signing of the MoU. Then the MoU was signed and exchanged by Mr. Jean-Francois Rocchi, President of BRGM and Professor Masayoshi Nakashima, Director of DPRI.
After the exchange, Mr. Philippe Janvier-Kamiyama, Consul-General of the French Consulate General in Kyoto, Japan, gave a congratulatory address for the success of collaboration between the two institutes and the two countries.

President Rocchi expressed his pleasure of the signing the MoU and gratitude to the hospitality by DPRI and Kyoto University in his speech followed by Professor Nakashima to express also his pleasure of signing the MoU and gratitude for Mr. Rocchi and his associates of BRGM to travel to Kyoto for the signing ceremony. Both expressed their strong belief for the success of future collaborative work between DPRI and BRGM.
After Professor Iwata closed the ceremony, photos including related participants were taken for commemoration.

April 3rd, 2013
Shinichi Matsushima (Associate Professor, DPRI)