DPRI Annual Meeting 2015 was held on Feb.23-24,2015

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Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI) of Kyoto University held its annual meeting on Feb. 23-24 to present this fiscal year’s research achievements by DPRI researchers, including its faculty, graduate students and collaborative researchers outside of DPRI.
More than 380 people gathered for this 2-day event at Uji Campus to learn and discuss over 32 poster presentations and 148 oral presentations. The oral presentations took place at five venues divided by category: Integrated Arts and Sciences for Disaster Reduction Research, Seismic and Volcanic Hazards Mitigation and Geohazards, Atmosphere-Hydrosphere.
To open the Meeting, the second DPRI Award Ceremony was held and an award was presented to Dr. Francisco Jose Sanchez-Sesma, professor of the Institute of Engineering and the Institute of Geophysics at Mexico National Autonomous University (UNAM), for his outstanding achievements in research and education which greatly contributed to the advancement of DPRI’s international presence in disaster prevention research. His commemorative lecture titled “Ambient Seismic Vibrations in Seismology and Earthquake Engineering” was given during the Ceremony.
Five disaster reports by an invited speaker, Professor Takeyasu Suzuki, Disaster and Environmentally Sustainable Administration Research Center, University of Yamanashi, and DPRI faculty members were also given on the first day of the event. The DPRI Award Ceremony and the disaster reports were broadcasted live and viewed by 233 people on U-stream.
At the end of the meeting, the DPRI Annual Meeting Award was presented to 12 researchers for their outstanding presentations by the DPRI Director, Prof. Oshiman. The Award intends to encourage young researchers to promote their research and participate in this event.


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