2022 DPRI Award Ceremony

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The 9th DPRI Award Ceremony was held at the Kihada Hall, Uji Campus, Kyoto University on 10 January 2024 to celebrate Dr. Víctor Manuel Cruz Atienza, Professor of Seismology, Institute of Geophysics, National Autonomous University of Mexico for receiving the 9th International Award of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI) – 2022 DPRI Award.

Prof. Cruz Atienza received the 2022 DPRI Award for his excellence and outstanding “Research and Education Contributions” to DPRI, Kyoto University.  With the Award, Prof. Cruz also becomes a lifetime DPRI Fellow.

At the award ceremony, Deputy Director of DPRI, Prof. Shinichi Matsushima introduced Dr. Cruz Atienza’s contributions on research and educational activities to DPRI, and Director Eiichi Nakakita presented him with a certificate of commendation and a commemorative gift.

Following the ceremony, Dr. Cruz Atienza gave a commemorative lecture on “Seismogenesis in a Long-Feard Gap: A Sway of Slow and Fast Slip.”