Prof. Kenji Tanaka Welcomes the Uzbekistan’s Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation to the Kyoto University

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Bridging academic collaboration between Japan and Uzbekistan, Prof. Kenji Tanaka and Prof. Osamu Kozan both from Kyoto University, and Associate Prof. Takanori Nagano of Kobe University, convened a meeting with the Uzbekistan’s Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Innovation on 2nd of October at the Kyoto University, Japan.

The primary focus of this meeting was to discuss and evaluate the progress of the SATREPS BLUE project.

During his visit to Kyoto University, Minister Abdurakhmonov gained firsthand insights into the innovative research and initiatives undertaken as part of the SATREPS BLUE project. He emphasised the importance of fostering stronger ties between Uzbekistan and Japan in higher education and scientific advancement.

The meeting served as an opportunity to discuss current challenges, future plans, and potential extensions of the SATREPS BLUE project.



Prof. Kozan, Prof. Tanaka, Minister Abdurakhmonov, Prof. Nagano

甲山 治教授、田中賢治教授、アブドゥラクモノフ大臣、長野 宇規 准教授

(田中賢治教授、長野宇規教授, ファヤゾフ・オタベク氏, アブドゥラフモノフ・イブロヒム大臣)

Discussion of the SATREPS project achievements and plans for 2024

Prof. Tanaka and Prof. Nagano Minister Abdurakhmonov, Mr. Fayazov


ファヤゾフ・オタベク氏,、アブドゥラフモノフ ・イブロヒム大臣によるウズベキスタン研究の紹介

Minister Abdurakhmonov, Mr. Fayazov

ファヤゾフ オタベク氏, アブドゥラクモノフ イブロヒム大臣によるウズベキスタン研究の紹介

アブドゥラクモノフ ・イブロヒム大臣 フジャナザロフ・ティムール特任助教

Minister Abdurakhmonov, Specially appointed Assistant Professor Khujanazarov.

アブドゥラクモノフ イブロヒム大臣 フジャナザロフ ティムール特任助教