International Workshop on Trajectories of Disasters: Building Resilience to Natural Hazards and Risks

  • Date : 15 May. 2023 - 16 May. 2023
  • Workshop
Date 15 May. 2023 - 16 May. 2023
Place Room 301 (Collaborative Research Hub, DPRI) of Uji campus, Kyoto University
Target Researcher, Student

International Workshop on Trajectories of Disasters: Building Resilience to Natural Hazards and Risks
国際ワークショップ「災害の軌跡をたどる」: 災害リスクに対するレジリエンスの構築

Organization:Joint Research Unit for Tsunami Hazard, DPRI
Monday, 15 May 2023, 13:30-18:20
Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 9:30-17:15
Venue:Room 301 (Collaborative Research Hub, DPRI) of Uji campus, Kyoto University
※Anyone can participate, and reservation is not required in this event.


International Research Network Promotion
Dates: 15-16 May 2023
Workshop Program

15-May Opening and welcome
13:30 Welcome by Prof. Cruz
Welcome by Prof. Yamori
Welcome by Prof. Garnier
Introductions Presentation title
13:45 E. Garnier, CNRS, University of Franche-Comté The IRN RISCDIS project: interdisciplinarity and perspectives
14:10 T. Hiraishi Introduction of DPRI Joint Earthquake and Tsunami Hazard Research Unit
14:35 Discussion, Q/A
Tsunami and earthquake hazards Presentation title
15:00 T. Miyashita Modeling of Future Subduction Earthquake Sources with Uncertainty and Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment
15:25 Y. Ito SATREPS Mexico project 2017-2022:

Toward understanding and exploiting slow earthquakes for mitigation earthquake and tsunami disasters

15:50 K. Yamori Development and social implementation of smartphone app Nige-Tore for improving tsunami evacuation drills
16:15 Coffee break
16:40 Guillaume St-Onge (submarine landslides) ISMER-UQAR Earthquake-triggered turbidites from Eastern Canada, the Lesser Antilless and Southern Chile
17:05 Olivier Fabbri, CNRS University of Franche-Comté The geological record of subduction earthquake-related tsunamis: a review
17:30 E. Garnier and G. St-Onge Historical and geological evidence of a tsunami in the St. Lawrence Estuary following the 1925 Charlevoix earthquake
17:55 Discussion
18:20 Closing for 1st day
19:00 Informal dinner


16-May Learning from the past to prepare for the next big ones Presentation title
9:30 M. Ubaura (tsunami disaster reconstruction and recovery) Recovery of the physical environment from the Great East Japan Earthquake
9:50 N. Maki (disaster reconstruction, land use planning) Preparing next big one -trials for pre-disaster recovery planning
10:10 H. Tatano (tsunami protection) TBA
10:30 M. Onishi Risk Communication with a Long-Term Perspective: Collaborative Activities with Local Communities to Prepare for a Large-Scale Sakurajima Eruption
10:50 Coffee break  
11:10 Sebastien Boret, Tohoku University Managing Mass Death after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
11:30 Florence Lahournat TBA
11:50 Discussion  
12:30 Lunch break  
  Towards a resilient society in the face of future disaster events Presentation title
13:30 James Goltz Operational earthquake forecasting in the Nankai region of Japan: The special case of tsunami risk
13:50 AM Cruz Natural hazard triggered technological accidents: Going beyond the fence line to achieve territorial resilience
14:10 G Nakano Disaster risk reduction action research through international science cooperation
14:40 Discussion  
15:10 Coffee break  
  Group discussions
15:30 Break out group discussions (1st and 2nd round) on possible collaboration  
16:30 Summary of discussions  
17:00 Final words and closing  
17:15 End