DPRI Annual Reports 2022

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The Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), Kyoto University Annual Report No. 65, which reports on the activities in 2021, has been published.

In addition to the previous reports of A and B, this time, an additional section C is added to the report.

The contents of the reports, in particular, are as follows:

Report A covers:

  • Retirement Awards of Research Achievements and Special Contributions to: Professors James Jiro Mori, Manaby Hashimoto, Toshitake Kamai, Kinya Nishigame and Shigenobu Tanaka.
  • Disaster survey reports, and technical support reports

Report B:

  • Research reports and materials
  • Presentations at the DPRI Annual Meeting 2021


Report C:

  • Reports and data activities in response to the enhancement of self-inspection and evaluation of departments in accordance with mid-term goals:
  • Organizational management of research institutes
  • Research activities
  • International activities
  • Educational activities
  • Cooperation with society
  • Research activities of departments and centers


The DPRI Annual Report 2021 A, B and C can be access through Kyoto University Academic Information Repository.


DPRI Annual Reports No 65

No. 65A

No. 65B

No. 65C