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Day 1 (March 19th) Kihada Hall

Registration (9:00-)
Opening Session
Opening remarks
Naoto Oshiman, Director, Professor, DPRI, Kyoto University
Objectives and Roadmap
Hiroshi Kawase, Vice-Director, Professor, DPRI, Kyoto University
Keynote Lectures (1)
Chair: Norio Okada, Kwansei Gakuin University
Toshio Koike, Professor, University of Tokyo
  Director, International Center for Water Hazard and Risk
  “International Study for Disaster Risk Reduction and
  Resilience - towards integrating disaster risk reduction
  and sustainable development -”

  Keynote Download
Elisabeth Krausmann, IPSC, Joint Research Centre,
  European Commission, Italy
  “Research priorities for disaster risk reduction: a European
Hubert Fabriol, Deputy-Director, the Risks and Prevention
  Division, BRGM, French Geological Survey, France
  “BRGM’s contributions to Disaster Risk Reduction”
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Surono, Head, Geological Agency, Ministry of Energy and
  Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia
  “Geological Hazard Mitigation Strategy in Indonesia
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Group Photo
Break (11:30-11:45)
Introduction of
Participating Institutes
Chair: Hirokazu Tatano
Signing Ceremony of MOU (13:00-13:10)
Lunch (13:10-14:00)
Keynote Lectures (2)
Chair: Masahiro Chigira, DPRI, Kyoto University
Gregory Beroza, Co-Director, Southern California Earthquake
  Professor, Stanford University, USA
  “An Active Approach to Predicting Earthquake Shaking
  with Passive Seismology

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Roy Sidle, Professor, University of the Sunshine Coast,
  “Progress, Future Challenges and Sustainability Issues in
  Geohazard Research
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Chjeng-Lun Shieh,Former Director, the Disaster Prevention
  Research Center, National Cheng-Kung University, Taiwan
  “A new conceptual model of Large-scale Landslide
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Reinhard Mechler, Deputy Director of Risk, Policy &
  Vulnerability Program, International Institute for Applied
  Systems Analysis (IIASA), Austria
  “Towards Climate Risk Management: opportunities and
  insights from IPCC’s 5th assessment report”
Andrew Collins, Leader, Disaster and Development Research
  Network (DDN), Northumbria University, UK
  “A future of polycentric hazard, risk and disaster
  reduction in society

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Break (16:00-16:15)
Group Discussion

On the Road Map for Natural Disaster Research for the Next Decade
  (a) Integrated Disaster Risk Management (Chair: Cruz)
  (b) Earthquake and Volcanic Disaster (Chair: Mori)
  (c) Atmospheric and Water Related Disaster
    (Chair: Kantoush)
  (d) Geo-Hazards (Chair: Kamai)
Group Photo at “KIHADA Hall” (18:20)
Dinner (18:30-20:30)
Chair: Ana Maria Cruz, DPRI, Kyoto University

Day 2 (March 20th) Kihada Hall

Keynote Lectures (3)
Academic Challenges to Achieve DRR in the Real World
Chair: Salvano Briceno, Former UNISDR Head and former Chair, Science Committee of IRDR Programme (ICSU/ISSC/ISDR)
Jakob Rhyner, United Nation University, Vice Rector in
  Europe, Director of the Institute for Environment and
  Human Security (UNU-EHS), Germany
  “UNU-EHS: Ways to bring disaster risk research into

  Keynote Download
Hongey Chen, Director, National Science and Technology
  Center for Disaster Reduction, Taiwan
  “To facilitate efficiency of emergency operations through
  integrating knowledge and information for decision

  Keynote Download
David Johnston, Director, Joint Centre for Disaster Research
  GNS Science, Massey University,
  Chair, Science Committee of the IRDR, ICSU/ISSC/ISDR
  “Integrated Research on Disaster Risk (IRDR) Programme:
Keynote Download
  a global, multi-disciplinary and inter - sectorial approach to
  dealing with the challenges brought by disasters”
Koji Tanimoto, Executive Director, Japan Institute of
  Country-ology and Engineering (JICE), Japan
  “Orientation of the research for promotion of
  mainstreaming of disaster prevention

  Keynote Download
Ibrahim El- Dimeery, Dean, Professor, Faculty of
  Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, German
  University in Cairo, Egypt
  “Risk Reduction Management in Different Transportation

  Keynote Download
Pedro Basabe, Senior Programme Officer, UNISDR
  “Science and Technology contributing to the
  implementation of the post-2015 Framework for Disaster
  Risk Reduction

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Break (11:00-11:15)
Panel Discussion
Exploring New Paradigms of Natural Disaster Research
Coordinator: Kaoru Takara, DPRI, Kyoto University
  (1) Reports from the group discussion
  (2) Panelists: one selected from each group
    and Yoshiaki Kawata, Kansai University
Lunch (13:15-14:15)
Overall Discussion
Road Map for the Next Decade
Chair: Manabu Hashimoto, DPRI, Kyoto University
Draft of Resolution: Jim Mori, DPRI, Kyoto University
Break (15:15-15:45)
Closing remarks
Kaoru Takara, Professor, DPRI, Kyoto University

Adoption of the Resolution and Signing Ceremony
Chair: Hiroshi Kawase, DPRI, Kyoto University