DPRI Annuals

Published in April every year in Japanese with English Synopsis and Figure/Table/Photo captions. Some English papers are included.

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    No .  Vol.     
No.59 (FY2015)    
No.58 (FY2014)    
No.57 (FY2013)    
No.56 (FY2012)    
No.55 (FY2011)    
No.54 (FY2010)    
No.53 (FY2009)    
No.52 (FY2008)    
No.51 (FY2007)    
No.50 (FY2006)  
No.49 (FY2005)  
No.48 (FY2004)  
No.47 (FY2003)  
Vol.46 (FY2002)   
Vol.45 (FY2001)   
Vol.44 (FY2000)  
Vol.43 (FY1999)  
Vol.42 (FY1998)  
Vol.41 (FY1997)  
Vol.40 (FY1996)
  No .  Vol.     
Vol.39 (FY1995)  
Vol.38 (FY1994)  
Vol.37 (FY1993)  
Vol.36 (FY1992)  
Vol.35 (FY1991)  
Vol.34 (FY1990)  
Vol.33 (FY1989)  
Vol.32 (FY1988)  
Vol.31 (FY1987)  
Vol.30 (FY1986)  
Vol.29 (FY1985)  
Vol.28 (FY1984)  
Vol.27 (FY1983)  
Vol.26 (FY1982)  
Vol.25 (FY1981)  
Vol.24 (FY1980)  
Vol.23 (FY1979)  
Vol.22 (FY1978)  
Vol.21 (FY1977)  
Vol.20 (FY1976)  
  No .  Vol.   
Vol.19 (FY1975)
Vol.18 (FY1974)  
Vol.17 (FY1973)  
Vol.16 (FY1972)  
Vol.15 (FY1971)  
Vol.14 (FY1970)  
Vol.13 (FY1969)  
Vol.12 (FY1968)  
Vol.11 (FY1967)  
Vol.10 (FY1966)  
Vol.9 (FY1965)    
Vol.8 (FY1964)    
Vol.7 (FY1963)    
Vol.6 (FY1962)    
Vol.5 (FY1961)  
Vol.4 (FY1960)    
Vol.3 (FY1959)    
Vol.2 (FY1958)    
Vol.1 (FY1957)