Strong Motion Seismology

The research is focused on earthquake sources, seismic wave propagation, and site effects to study ground motion characteristics and to develop advanced methodologies of strong ground motion prediction for evaluating the seismic hazard from destructive earthquakes.

1) Source modeling using strong ground motion data, characterization of heterogeneous fault rupture process, and study of near-source and extreme ground motions controlled by the source process.
2) Analysis and modeling of long-period ground motion generation and propagation in crust and basin velocity structures.
3) Investigation of site effects and subsurface explorations using seismological techniques.

4) Development of theoretical and semi-empirical broadband strong ground motion simulation methods and strong ground motion prediction recipes for scenario earthquakes.

Geologic interpretation of the depth section by a seismic reflection survey across the Uemachi fault system

Faculty Members

  • ProfessorTomotaka Iwata


  • Associate ProfessorKimiyuki Asano